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July 7, 2019
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July 11, 2019
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Homes, Families and Gardens Festival

The Community Development Division in The Ministry of Social Transformation and Human Resource Development reintroduced the “Homes, Families and Gardens Festival (HFGF)” in 2008 after almost six (6) decades of its existence since 1951.

The Theme: “Think Beautification for the Nation’s Health & Wealth” seeks to encourage citizens to develop civic pride, promote healthy lifestyle and create a cleaner and more beautiful environment through participation

The revival of this Festival and competition would assist in motivating the citizenry to use creativity to further enhance and beautify their surroundings. Some activities may include: up- grading of fences, backyard gardens, flower gardens, tree planting, and trimming of hedges (landscaping). Other aspects are documenting and highlighting the uniqueness of community history, unsung heroes, academic achievements and providing information on community safety tips. The Poetry and Research Competition in schools and Community Festival also forms part of the HFGF Festival.

Some benefits that can be derived from planting trees, greater food security, beautified cities and homes, cleaner air, prevention of soil erosion and increased property value etc.

Special mention is our new category of herbs and spices that provide health and wellness from your own organic backyard gardens.

Mission Statement:

To initiate and implement programmes which create and develop an environment through which every citizen and resident of Antigua and Barbuda can realize individual growth and development, motivating them to meet the challenges of living and interacting in their respective communities by enhancing their social conditions.


  • To improve the quality of family life and foster cohesiveness within the family structure.
  • To enhance the appearance of the physical environment and to maintain good order in all communities through the various activities; thus encouraging competition among residents.
  • To promote camaraderie within community
  • To attract & encourage Community tourism.
  • To assist communities in reducing crime & violence through the development of neighbourhood watches.
  • To encourage research of the histories of their communities and to showcase their uniqueness
  • All community groups and residents of the various communities are kindly asked to register today for the Homes, Families and Gardens Festival 2014-2015.

All CBOs/NGOs and community residents are encouraged to make a special effort to get their communities involved by participating in the Homes, Families and Gardens Festival 2014 – 2015.

Suggested areas for Community Activities: Church Grounds, vacant lots, round-about, triangles and surrounding areas, entrances to villages, schools, community centers and so on.—————