Community-Based Natural Resource Management

Homes, Families and Gardens Festival
July 8, 2019
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Community-Based Natural Resource Management

  • Identifying of natural resources in communities;
  • Educating residents, students etc. on the identified resources;
  • Providing livelihood for unemployed;
  • Skills training geared towards utilization of the available resources to enhanced and developed cottage industries in communities with locally home-grown and community made products (seeds, wood, shells, bottles, bones etc.
  • Capacity Building Seminars, Workshops and Community Forums;
  • Networking with relevant ministries, agencies/units and technical stakeholders to enhance the acceptance and delivery of the CBNRM Projects
  • Promote protection of natural resources (regulations);
  • To lobby for protection and restoration of National Historical Sites and Traditional Knowledge;
  • High-lighting and showcasing historical icons, heritage, art and craft via Educational Community Programs, Community Festivals etc.
  • To network with relevant authorities to provide Cabinet with guide-lines to develop legislation for protection of identified unique historical resources.
  • To prepare community residents for their active engagement towards village as a business (all geared towards sustainability).
  • To make Community Tourism a successful reality in Antigua and Barbuda via Village as a Business Program.
  • Data Collection and Educational Material on Identified Resources
  • Creating Livelihood from Natural Resources.
  • Promotion and marketing of locally made products
  • Documentation, preservation and protection of natural resources.
  • Pride of the Accomplishment of Unique production

NB – The above are the guiding principles of the CBNRM Initiative. To be developed in a CBNRM Project. Some activities have started as a pilot. Sessions on the Topic have begun in 3 schools in the East Zone (Freetown, Newfield & Bethesda Primary Schools). Community Day Celebration in some communities – Freetown and John Hughes, (working with Barbuda and Swetes presently). Organised several arts & crafts workshops utilizing all local materials.

Presently successful sewing classes in Freetown, Grays Farm, Pigotts and New Winthropes in collaboration with Rotary Antigua, Rotary Bellview Breakfast Sundown Club USA and Mill Reef Club. We also facilitate sewing classes in All Saints and Sea View Farm with the expectation of branching out into other communities to include Barbuda.

Trees are one of our natural resources and we are very busy in Educating schools, community groups and families via many educational forums, etc. Other Projects in collaboration with Environment Division, Horticulture Society, Forestry Unit, Agricultural Extension & Precision Center (FBO). We has also been working with the Precision Center to conduct research and documentary on communities in Antigua and Barbuda.

Also our Homes, Families and Garden Festival which started in the fifties went dormant for some years, and was re-introduced in 2008 as a request by the nationals and the Rotary Club of Antigua, who Introduced Tidy Antigua & Barbuda in 2007. This is now a National Program with many success stories. It entails Gardens Competitions, Poetry and Research Competitions, Community Festivals, Educational Agricultural Workshops on areas of plant protection, agronomy, horticulture, pest control, budding & grafting and plant propagation.—————