Aims and Objectives


To sensitize and galvanize community bases Organizations, government and non-governmental to relate to Community Development as an instrument of social, cultural, educational, religious and socio-economic development.


To catalogue the personal resource in the communities to utilizing the information, augment the skills of the Community Development Officers in the socialization; character building and personal development process.


To organize as a partnership, community group leaders into an umbrella community based association, through which the identified needs of the community can be addressed and resolved through collaborative efforts.


To create opportunities that provide for the exposure to and nurturing of Life Skills in socio-economic development of residents of communities. Networking in co-operative structures for self-reliance.


To lend assistance to community based groups. Maintain effective communication and provide technical support.


To provide an avenue for community based programmes in culture and artistic expressions, exhibitions and develop self confidence in the Performing Arts; for the realization of a practical and constructive manner of advantageous utilization of leisure time.


Fostering a strong Community Spirit through creation and implementation of projects and programmes which act as a vehicle forming attitudinal and behavioural changes for positive interaction; developing an awareness of national/civic pride.


To inculcate positive values and attitudes that shall encourage residents in communities to develop a sense of responsibility, service to country, self respect and respect for authority.


To enhance the energies of respective communities into projects and programmes that will promote poverty eradication and ensure the accomplishment of Mission and Objectives of the Community Development Division.